Sensuous: Evolving with the Australian Adult Industry and Shaping the Future

Keith Jones, Managing Director for Sensuous, recently discussed the company’s journey, product innovations, and future goals during an interview with Erika, a journalist for AusAdultNews.

Jones explained that Sensuous won the Best New Product award at the Australian Adult Industry Awards for their Raging Bull Capsules, a testament to the company’s commitment to high-quality products.

“Raging Bull gel was created, and due to the success of the gel, Raging Bull Capsules were developed to complement the gel,” Jones said. He highlighted the gap in the market that inspired the creation of Raging Bull Capsules, which has led to their successful launch.

The interview delved into how the Australian Adult Industry has evolved in recent years, with Jones noting the decreasing stigma surrounding adult activities and products. He explained how Sensuous has adapted to these changes, including investing more in online marketing and focusing on inclusive representation in their advertising.

Jones also discussed the company’s commitment to sustainability, ethics, and innovation, emphasizing that Sensuous is always looking for ways to improve and expand their product lines while staying true to their values.

In response to a question about upcoming innovations, Jones mentioned that Sensuous is working on a product to help men ejaculate quicker if they are a delayed responder and a female version of Raging Bull Capsules, both in the innovation stages.

Jones highlighted the challenges of naming products that align with Sensuous’s brand image, but also emphasized the benefits of being a gold sponsor at the Australian Adult Industry Awards. “Being a gold sponsor allowed Sensuous to gift all attendees our product, so they had it in their hot little hands to try, feel, use,” he said. “We also had our logo on the photo wall background, up on the big screen and advertisements running throughout the evening.”

The interview concluded with a discussion about Sensuous’s long-term goals, including expanding into new international markets, developing products for niche markets, and maintaining high ethical standards. Jones also expressed the company’s desire to combat stigma and misconceptions associated with the adult industry through education and positive representation.

In an exciting announcement, Jones revealed that Sensuous will be the naming sponsor for the Australian Adult Industry Awards, now known as Sensuous Australian Adult Industry Awards, from 2025. This move will bring significant exposure and recognition for Sensuous while helping to promote the normalization and acceptance of adult products and conversations about sexual health and wellness in mainstream society.

As the Australian Adult Industry continues to evolve, companies like Sensuous are leading the way in innovation, sustainability, and inclusivity. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, Sensuous is poised to make a significant impact on the industry and shape its future.

Visit the Sensuous website to view their products and a find a stockist near you.

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