Roladex: A Revolutionary Online Advertising Platform for the Adult Industry

In an industry where safety, privacy, and professionalism are of utmost importance, Roladex has emerged as a game-changer. The online advertising platform, owned and operated by a team of four, offers a unique and innovative approach to cater to the needs of sex workers and their clients. We sat down with the team behind Roladex to learn more about their journey and the features that set them apart from the competition.

Roladex is 100% owned and operated by Summer, Holly, Robbie, and Danny, who are committed to providing exceptional customer service and prioritising the needs of their community. The platform was born out of a desire to improve upon existing advertising options, with the team taking a year to design and custom-code the website to their satisfaction. “Roladex aims to keep the standards of the website high. Everything advertisers upload or write into their profile is vetted and approved by one of us,” – Summer, explains the attention to detail that ensures a professional and safe environment for all users.

The hard work and dedication of the Roladex team paid off when they recently won the “Best Online Directory” award at the Australian Adult Industry Awards. This recognition highlights the platform’s unique features and commitment to improving the adult industry.

Roladex stands out from other online advertising platforms with its unique features. For example, the custom-designed profiles are created to answer clients’ questions before they make contact, saving advertisers time with booking enquiries. The platform also offers custom rates and services cards to indicate different service offerings and experiences, streamlining the process for both sex workers and clients.

Safety and privacy are at the core of Roladex’s mission. The website is hosted on a dedicated private server, equipped with the best security software available. Access to the site’s systems is limited to the four-person team and their local website development company, ensuring the protection of all data. “We will not publish any content to the website that breaches our sites guidelines, having this strict policy in place from day one will ensure our site continues to only display quality professional content” – Holly, emphasises the strict guidelines that ensure a professional and responsible environment for all users.

To maintain authenticity and credibility, Roladex has implemented a verification process for its advertisers. The process involves submitting an image that includes the advertiser’s working name, working email address or phone number, and the word “Roladex.” Upon successful verification, the profile becomes live with a distinctive “Verified” badge. Roladex has gone a step further adding the verification date to the profile indicating trustworthiness to clients.

The team confided some exciting and innovative features they have in the pipeline. Although we can not share them here we can reveal Roladex is currently working on developing a client portal and adding a blog to the site. The team is also focused on building strong ties to the community and increasing brand awareness through intense SEO campaigns. The site remains free for advertisers while they build brand awareness and SEO growth.

The team behind Roladex is dedicated to revolutionising the adult industry with their innovative platform. By prioritising safety, privacy, and professionalism, they have created a unique and valuable resource for sex workers and their clients. As Roladex continues to grow and evolve, it will undoubtedly remain at the forefront of the online advertising landscape in the adult industry. The recent award win at the Australian Adult Industry Awards is a testament to the team’s dedication and hard work. With their commitment to improving the platform and maintaining a professional environment, Roladex is poised for continued success in the years to come.

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