Human Interest

Jas Strong: Triumphing in the Adult Industry with Confidence and Creativity

Jas Strong, a talented and versatile performer in the adult industry, recently emerged victorious at the prestigious Australian Adult Industry Awards (AAIA). The accomplished escort and porn content creator was thrilled to receive the recognition, which he attributes to his dedication, creativity, and professionalism. In a recent interview, Jas shared …

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Empowering Self-Pleasure and the Importance of Body-Safe Pleasure Toys with Patricia Peters, Pleasure Toy Queen

Patricia Peters, the 2024 Australian Adult Industry Award Winner for BEST JOURNALIST/PRESENTER/BLOGGER, known as the Pleasure Toy Queen Patricia, is on a mission to normalize self-pleasure and the use of body-safe pleasure toys. As a reviewer, educator, and content creator, Patricia is dedicated to breaking down the taboos surrounding self-pleasure …

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Marilyn Merlot: A Social Media Star Shines in the Australian Adult Industry

Marilyn Merlot, a rising star in the Australian adult industry, recently won the ‘Best Social Media Engagement’ award at the Australian Adult Industry Awards. Her success can be attributed to her strategic approach to building a strong online presence and fostering genuine connections with her fans. In an exclusive interview …

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