Australian Adult Industry Awards 2024 Set for June 6th in Melbourne

The highly anticipated Australian Adult Industry Awards (AAIA) for 2024 has been confirmed to take place on the 6th of June in Melbourne. The announcement was made via Instagram, stirring excitement among industry professionals and enthusiasts alike.

While the date has been set, details regarding the venue are yet to be disclosed. However, anticipation is mounting as the event draws nearer, with attendees eagerly awaiting further information on where this year’s ceremony will take place.

Despite the buzz surrounding the upcoming awards, nominations have not yet been opened. This leaves ample time for individuals and businesses within the adult entertainment industry to prepare their submissions and showcase their talents and contributions.

As one of the most significant events in the Australian adult entertainment calendar, the AAIA serves as a platform to recognize and celebrate excellence across various categories, including performers, producers, directors, and websites.

Stay tuned for more updates and announcements regarding nominations, venue details, and other exciting developments leading up to the Australian Adult Industry Awards 2024.

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