Meet Marilyn Merlot: The Newcomer Shaking Up the Australian Adult Industry Awards with Four Nominations!

Marilyn Merlot is a bubbly, positive, and authentic newcomer who has been making waves in the adult industry since January 2022. Her infectious personality and genuine care for her subscribers have earned her four nominations in the Australian Adult Industry Awards, including Best Social Media Engagement, Best Girlfriend Experience, Best Female Online Content Creator, and Best Photo Authenticity. Marilyn’s content ranges from solo play and sexy dances to B/G posts, quizzes, and giveaways, and much more. She also offers philanthropic support, donating 20% of all tips to a charity caring for wildlife in her area. With her unique approach to adult content creation, Marilyn is quickly becoming a fan favorite and an industry rising star.

Marilyn Merlot’s first time entering the Australian Adult Industry Awards, nominated in 4 Categories!

Newcomer Marilyn started her journey in January 2022 and has been nominated in 4 different award categories in her first year! These are Best Social Media Engagement, Best Girlfriend Experience, Best Female Online Content Creator and Best Photo Authenticity.

She originally started off as a TikTok creator building her fans and then discovered ExclusvLife and Onlyfans throwing herself into her content creation with a ‘why not’ attitude!
“I actually started doing funny tiktoks in bikinis and it just went off, I decided that I wanted to try and monetize it not knowing what would await me, honestly, I thought it would be a total flop but I think people were drawn to my goofy, funny, authentic, yet sexy personality and started creating some spicy content!”

She lives by the beach in Australia (Far North Queensland) so you’ll often find her in a bikini by the beach with her favourite beverage (red wine or champagne) or in the pool playing some funky summer mixes!

Her super friendly, authentic, and nerdy self is infectious and you can tell she loves the connection with her fans and subscribers.  She posts every day and currently has over 2000 images and 500 videos on her feed, most of her content is solo play but a few B/G posts too as well as sexy dances and stripteases, lingerie shoots, naughty XXX tiktoks, quizzes, giveaways and competitions and much much more. She also offer PPV videos at extremely reasonable prices from $3-$20 which last between 2 and 15 minutes).
Her bubbly, positive and authentic attitude and being personal is what gets people coming back for more.
“I actually listen to problems and try to come up with solutions, it’s not all about sex for me and my followers (though it can be if you want it to) but I provide a girlfriend experience, I am real and tangible, you can tell I really care about my subscribers and followers and always reply! I don’t harass my subscribers to buy pictures or videos, I offer but allow them to come to me, after all, I want to be a lasting positive experience, not a quick cash grab! Oh and also, I am a squirter and that always makes for fun content!”
Not only is Marilyn perfect for those needing comfort, a shoulder to lean on and a partner to her subscribers, she also has a philanthropist side to her,  helping out a charity caring for wildlife including turtles, cassowaries, wallabies, owls, and many other animals around my area, and donates 20% of all tips to this charity. “It’s been a blessing being able to give back in this way and see the difference I am making to not just human, but also animal life!”

Where can people find Marilyn?

I mainly use ExclusvLife @MarilynMerlot (an exciting new Aussie platform where the creators get less commission taken off them), Onlyfans @therealmarilynmerlot. I also have free socials Twitter @MarilynMerlot2, Instagram @therealmarilynmerlot, Tiktok @marilynmerlottiktok and Reddit @TheRealMarilynMerlot where I get to meet and talk to people before they decide if they would like to sign up for more! Also there is a newish platform called Clapper that is a naughty version of tiktok, highly recommend checking it out!

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