Kiki Isobel Shines in the Australian Adult Industry and Discusses the Future of Awards

Kiki Isobel, a talented topless waitress and online content creator, has been making waves in the Australian adult industry for nearly four years. Hailing from Adelaide, she recently moved to the Gold Coast to explore new opportunities in this exciting line of work. Kiki is not only a performer but also a strong advocate for the adult industry, using her platform to discuss its growth and potential.

In a recent interview with Erika, a journalist for, Kiki shared her experiences in the industry and her thoughts on the Australian Adult Industry Awards. “The idea of the awards is amazing,” Kiki said. “It brings sex workers together and rewards them for doing a good job.”

While Kiki acknowledges the importance of the awards, she also notes some concerns regarding their selection process. “I’m not 100% sold on how monitored and reputable they were, with some questionable winners this year,” she admitted.

To improve the selection process, Kiki suggested the creation of a board of people to select winners, in addition to the current voting system. “The top 5 should have their pages viewed by the board to see how well they’re doing on all things, such as social media and paid pages,” she proposed.

Despite her concerns, Kiki remains optimistic about the future of the Australian Adult Industry Awards. “I will always be grateful for the opportunities in this industry and the opportunities the awards give for us to come together and socialize, even though they overprice it tremendously,” she said.

Kiki’s hard work and dedication to the industry have paid off, as she recently won the Best Striptease Duo award with her best friend Shortiii. This achievement showcases the talent and collaborative spirit that exists within the Australian adult industry.

Kiki Isobel is a shining example of the passion, determination, and growth that can be found within the Australian adult industry. As she continues to excel in her career and advocate for the industry, she remains hopeful for a more transparent and inclusive future for all professionals involved.

Kiki Isobel is a talented topless waitress and online content creator who has been making waves in the Australian adult industry. To learn more about her work and stay updated on her latest projects, be sure to visit her website at and follow her on Instagram @kiki_xposed and Twitter @kikiisobel.

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